1.Thotlavalluru History?

Bomma devara Nagama Naidu,The King of Thotlavalluru in the year of 1901 he has two sons & one daughter name of Nagachaya Devi.the venugopala swamy temple located in thotlavalluru was constructed by the Nagama Naidu and he denoted 32 cents of land near the venugopala swamy temple for bus stop.

2.What are the key challenges which Thotlavalluru village is facing and what is the current plan to overcome this challenges.

Thotlavallru is near to Vijayawada infrastructures,road developments,Drainage facility,High Education like Engineering college to be come,agriculture research institute to be come& check dam for agriculture lands to avoid wastage of Krishna river water.

3.How do you envision the future of Thotlavalluru village?

mainly the village facing Drainage &roads Problem, due to lack of funds the works are pending.

4.What is the Statistics of Thotlavalluru. Could you please you share with us any census data (population, healthcare, education) which you submit to Government?

Total population – 15601
Male –7675
Female –7926
House Holds--4716
Education population -10013
Male –5128
Female –4885
as per govt submitted records.

5.Thotlavalluru village total Information (like.. Studies, Health,Roads, Peoples main Income sources, peoples culture, fields, castes, religions, population, litarate peoples percentage, Famous peoples, weather, Rivers and their Info, Schools, Power related Information, Panchayat main money earning sources, money spending’s of panchayat, banks, revenue and etc.)?

Total population -15601;litarate people nearly about 80%;main income sources is Agriculture & sugar,electricity dept has given connections 1900 for domestic purpose/600 for agriculture purpose/200 for commercial&offices/8 for water&street lights/4 for Industrial purpose and panchayat main money income sources are house tax/water tax/gross sale/shops rents/licences at same time panchayat spends the money for staff salaries/electricity bills payments/drainage repair works/sweeping and etc.

6.ThotlavalluruMandal history and what are the works it is doing, its status and still what they are going to do and their statistics?

Over head Tank works, school building works & walking track works are going on at thotlavalluru 2.Mini stadium to be constructed for sports people.

7.Thotlavalluru Daily labour peoples Information and what they are doing?

Total working people –8104 Daily work&daily agriculture work, paniki aharam padakam Pickles&papads making work.

8.InThotlavalluru illiterate peoples and peoples who left their studies in between their Information?

In thotlavalluru illiterate peoples are nearly about 20% of the total population And there is no data that left their studies as per records.

9. Does village have any committees to bring awareness in the people regarding Central and state Government schemes?Which government schemes are being implemented currently?

I.The following Committees are there.

  • vupadi haami &land development ,land issues
  • servey of poor people development committee.
  • bank linkage abhaya hastam insurance committee
  • NPM. agriculture&jobs, high education& dwakra products.
  • audit committee
  • primary education&gender,health,handicapped development committee.

II.the following Schemes are the

  • bangaru talli
  • abhaya hastam
  • aamadmi bheema
  • jana sri
  • swavalambana
  • Rajiv yuvakiranalu&interest less loans.

10.How peoples getting information of Low interest loans Informationand other schemes?

1.Rajiv yuvakiranalu
2.Interest less loans.
3.aamadmi bheema (AABY)

11.Has Panchayat implemented any drainage facilities in Village?

Partially the main drainage works done nearly about 800 mtrs done by the panchayat from south valluru water tank to kothaharijanavada committee hall.

12.Any recent event/achievement which you want to share?

1. Driking water, inner roads street lights to be provide in Kanakadurgapuram colony has formed minimum facilities like
2.construction of individuals sanitary latrines’ not done and drainage facility 40% done.
3.Education in govt schools enrollments Government Conducted special drive for 1 year at thotlavalluru mandal villages&explained about govt schools importants. Nearly about 500 students was joined in govt schools

13.What information do you want to know about people who visit your Web site?

1.Geographical things to be highlighted
2.Historical things
3.agriculture new developments
4.sugar cane & sugar cane products details
5.10th&intermediate completed students job sources
6.thotlavalluru female working sources
7.Empoyement Opportunities

14.Do you have press releases from the past?

Panchayat has press released on following programs

  • SC/ST sankshema programs
  • panchayat elections
  • Rachabanda program
  • Indiramma kalalu

15.Do you have any other information that you would like to share with us?

Yes.it is
‘IMP2’ Water hand pumps sets to be arranged nearly about 25 Nos in thotlavalluru
For avoid public inconvenience while power cut timings.
RWS water tanks& Solar power systems to be arranged.
Fully equipped AMBULANCE required

16.Are there any other thoughts, suggestions, or concerns that you want to be address through technology?

Geographical things to be highlighted. Historical things to be highlighted & agriculture development has to be done with new technologies.

17.Whom do we approach to gather more information about the village?

1.Panchayat EO Ph.No.-9849427007
2.Mohan Manju,Panchayat Vice president.Ph.No -9550820852
3.MDO Thotlavalluru – K.V.S SIVA REDDY B.sc,B.Ed,Pho.No -9949059186