Thotlavalluru Digitization Drive [ TOTAL-DIGILIB ]

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Thotlavalluru Digitization Drive Overview

Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) state has been the front-runner in embracing new technologies, thanks to the IT savvy Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, who is well known for his statesman qualities, practical knowledge and the ability to make good judgement.

A.P. is famed as the forefront of adopting Information Technology (IT) and deploy latest technologies in diverse fields..

Recently during his visit to the state, Bill Gates lauded Andhra Pradesh for using tech to help farmers. Bill Gates said innovation must go from the lab to the field, and lauded India for ‘becoming a leader’ in digital financial inclusion.

AP JANMABHOOMI, a social initiative to give back to the motherland, is a unique project initiated by Andhra Pradesh.

Dr.P.Rajamohan Rao, a successful Industrialist, philanthropist and above all a compassionate humanitarian has adopted his native village Thotlavalluru, where he is engaged in various welfare activities.

TOTAL-DIGILIB is a remarkable idea conceived by Dr.Rao to make Thotlavalluru a totally digitized village. As part of this unique initiative, the Primary School has been taken up as a pilot project where all the age-old important documents, like the Admission & Withdrawal Registers as early as 1930 onward is being digitized and preserved.

A dedicated Digitization team comrising of onsite and offsite experts work on the project. The onsite team is responsible for image capture of the documents, which are very fragile and delicate at times, and the offsite experts work on the digitization process using various software and preserve the information.

The TOTAL-DIGILIB Project aims to further take up the other institutions in the village like High School, hospitals, Panchayat etc. to make Thotlavalluru village a Total Digital Village.

This noble and distinctive project is expected to be an inspiration for other villages under AP JANMABHOOMI to follow.

Primary School - Pilot Project
The Primary School digitization initiative to preserve the Admission & Withdrawal Registers.

The pilot project to digitize the Admission & Withdrawal Registers was started in the second week of January 2018. The age-old books, which are in a very delicate state, was handled with utmost care and the images captured page by page very meticulously. The images were then processed and digitized to be preserved for future.

Admission & Withdrawal Register-1 (1950-1960)

Admission & Withdrawal Register-2 (1961-1969)

Admission & Withdrawal Register-3 (1969-1973)

Admission & Withdrawal Register-4 (1973-1976)

Admission & Withdrawal Register-5 (1977-1991)

Admission & Withdrawal Register-6 (1991-2013)

Admission & Withdrawal Register-7 (2013-2017)

High School